Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nancy's Salsa

1 large can diced plain tomatoes
1 large can crushed plain tomatoes (Some canned tomatoes have seasoning in them, don't use)
1 large chopped green onion
1 large yellow onion (purple is alot stronger)
Hot sauce to taste
I use a food processor, put in the onions and green peppers, chop to small sizeput in larger bowl
Put one can of tomatoes in processor, run for just a second, add some salt, pour into onion and pepper mixPut in other can of tomatoes, add hot sauce to taste, mix for a second then add to remaining mixture, stir add more salt or hot sauce for taste (remember as it rest in fridge the hot sauce can get hotter)Put in fridge for a couple of days before using if you can, (just enhances the taste)Will last for a couple of weeks, always keep in fridge.

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